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  • What makes HekaFlo unique?

Simple and Intuitive Design

Large touch screen

HekaFlo is equipped with 4.3-inch TFT display with a capacitive touchscreen, which allows easy and quick operation by touch.

Quick setup functionality

This will allow the operator to quickly set the desired value for flow, temperature and FiO2 from the home screen using control knob.

Electronic air-O2 blender

Blender unit made of a high speed 35000 rpm centrifugal blower creates the necessary suction pressure and blends with atmospheric air and O2 from the external source.

Intuitive GUI

Large font and WYSIWYG design for easy operation and display.

Essential monitoring

The HekaFlo home screen all the essential monitoring functions including, current flow, dew point temperature, FiO2, SpO2 and pulse rate.

Different Modes

Adult mode

Pre-defined range for flow rate between 10 LPM and 60 LPM and dew point temperature between 31°C and 37°C. The cannulas are available in large, medium and small sizes.

Junior mode

Pre-defined range for flow rate between 2 LPM and 25 LPM and dew point temperature between 31°C and 37°C. The cannulas are available in pre-term neonatal, neonatal, infant and pediatric sizes.

Safe and Comfortable


HekaFlo comes with many built in system alerts to ensure the safety of the patient and to guarantee the quality of the treatment.

Ultra-quiet blower

HekaFlo is equipped with high performance centrifugal blower assembled inside a chamber which reduces the vibration and noise, provides a quiet Oxygen therapy environment.

Nasal cannula

Ergonomic design, soft and comfortable.

Built-in Calculators

Flow meter calculator

The flow meter indicator button will help the operator to quickly set the external oxygen flow rate. Based on the desired set value for the flow and FiO2, HekaFlo device precisely calculate and shows the required external flow rate in LPM.

ROX index calculator

The ROX index, defined as the ratio of oxygen saturation as measured by pulse oximetry/FIO2 to respiratory rate, has been assessed as a predictor of the need to intubate in patients received HFNC oxygen therapy. Upon entering the current respiratory rate, HekaFlo built-in-calculator, will show the index and predicts whether the patient needs to be intubated or not.

Advanced Features

SpO2 monitoring

The HekaFlo device comes with an integrated Bluetooth pulse oximeter. The oximeter reads the SpO2 and PR of the patient and shows the value in real time on the device screen.

Bluetooth functionality

The device is equipped with Bluetooth communication interface to collect the data from the pulse oximeter seamlessly.

Internet of things (IoT)

The device comes with IoT functionality which helps to send the telemetry data for remote monitoring and real-time analysis.

Wi-Fi & USB connectivity

The device comes with these interfaces for remote debugging and troubleshooting. The Wi-Fi module enable the device to send the patient data in a secure manner to the cloud server for remote monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring

HekaFlo web dashboard

HekaFlo’s web portal dashboard shows the patient data from multiple devices in a single window as tiles. Patient’s Name, Age, current flow rate, temperature, FiO2, SpO2, pulse rate, Pulse Oximeter connection status will be displayed in the dashboard. Any user defined or system alerts generated from the device will be displayed in the dashboard as well.

Native iOS/Android apps

HekaFlo mobile app is designed to view patient’s data remotely in real-time. The iOS/Android app can be downloaded from the Apple store/Google play store. Once you log into the mobile app, it will show all the devices registered in your name. Upon selection of the device you can see all the data associated with that device including patient name, age, flow rate, dew point temperature, FiO2, SpO2 and pulse rate.

Chart & Reports View

The chart view shows the real time view of Flow, FiO2 and SPO2 for each patient graphically. Any fluctuation in flow, FiO2 or SpO2 is clearly visible in this view.

This view shows the aggregated data for each patient over a period. The HekaFlo analytical engine aggregate second by data to minute-by-minute data and shows the matrix in different time intervals. Physicians can graphically view the SpO2 changes and the parameters influencing that change. The filtered data from the reports can be exported in CSV or Excel for further analysis and research.